A unique diving experience! The Advanced Open Water course takes your diving to a new level. You will have the chance to try exciting new diving activities all over the course of 5 different dives! At the completion of the course, you will be certified to 30 metres, learn about underwater navigation skills with your buddy, and so much more! Choose from a variety of dives to complete your Advanced experience-including, Wreck, Night, Naturalist, Buoyancy, Enriched air, Photography, and more!


The Discover Scuba experience is a great opportunity to see what scuba diving is all about! If you are short on time, no problem! Try scuba can be completed in less than half a day. This is only an experience dive with your instructor and does not end in a certification.The class includes instruction on how to use the equipment, basic diving techniques, and a dive! If you want to see why people love diving so much, a Discover Scuba Dive is your chance to get out there and get weightless!


Want a new challenge? The Stress and Rescue course pushes you further in your diving capabilities! You will learn to look outside your own recreational diving abilities and gain experience in accident management, prevention, and assistance. Learn to be a problem solver both on the surface and underwater! You will need proof of First aid/CPR training to begin this course. You can complete this course at Pattaya Scuba Divers. The program duration for first aid training is 1 day.The Oxygen Provider Course is also available and has program duration of 1 day. This course follows the rules, guidelines, and techniques for oxygen administration.

Your ladder to a diving adventure


Your license to DIVE! Get ready to take the plunge! This is your first step in becoming a diver. As a certified open water diver, you will be recognized to dive anywhere in the world up to a maximum depth of 18 metres! The license is valid for a lifetime! So start diving today!

Going from Dive to Dive


Speciality Courses Available

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Want to have a future job in diving? At Pattaya Scuba Divers, we want to offer you an exciting and rewarding opportunity to get started on your diving career. The Dive Master course is your first step at becoming a dive professional. 

With the completion of the PADI Dive Master course, you will be a certified dive leader. . Our Dive Master program covers several areas to help prepare you for a leadership job in the diving industry. Some of these areas include:
Dive Guide Training, dive site mapping, boat master training, emergency management, watermanship skills, and assisting instructors. As well as a receiving a great training experience.